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Our Famous Guests

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Allen Tiller:
Great guides, great locations, great stories, great tour! - I've been twice I liked the Port Adelaide tour so much!"

Allen Tiller: Eidolon Paranormal, The Haunts of Adelaide and Haunting: Australia
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Robb Demares
"Fun, Informative, and packed with frights. A great evening!"

Robb Demarest: Ghost Hunters International, Destination Truth, Seekers (Malaysia) and Haunting: Australia
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Gaurav Tiwari
"Port Adelaide Ghost Crime Tour has been a thrilling experience for me. If you are a horror/thrill lover and visiting Adelaide for the first time, make sure you don't miss it!“

Rev. Gaurav Tiwari: Indian Paranormal Society, Haunting: Australia
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Rayleen Kable
"The Port Adelaide Ghost tour is a brilliant and insightful tour"

Rayleen Kable: The One, Sensing Murder, Psychic TV and Haunting: Australia
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Ray Jorden
"I found the tour not only informative but was a fascinating insight to the haunts of historic Port Adelaide"

Ray Jorden: Paranormal 5 (U.K.) Haunting: Australia
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